New battery for 3+

Is a fairphone 3 battery compatible with a fairphone 3+?

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Yes, the FP3 and the FP3+ use the same battery:

(Note the line right above the price line)


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How long have you had the phone as it has a two year warranty which includes the battery?

Has the battery become swollen and unsafe to use or do you think it’s not lasting long enough?

You can do a battery test vi the phone dialer

Dial# *#*#66*#*# Then service tests > Test Single > Battery status check.
To prologue use you can limit the charging routine:

  • Never charge overnight to 100% as it will stay like that until you unplug
  • Some say charge between 20 and 80 percent, I prefer 30% and 90%

The main damage is done by heat, so if it is warm charge a little more frequently

The FP3 and the FP3+ are the same phone, the only difference is that the + has a better camera. The naming is just marketing, the FP2 also got a camera upgrade back in the day and they didn’t name that one FP2+ either.

Not quite :slight_smile: The FP3+ has a different core module with an enhanced audio chip and registers as a different module under . . . Settings > About Phone > Model > Hardware version


Common misconception, details here (note the link to an even more detailed PDF) …

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