New Banking App Says Device is Rooted/Jailbroken

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on this…

Android Version: 6.0.1 (FS OS 17.04.8 also therefore Apr 2017 Security Patch Level)
App: New TSB Bank (

Issue: When trying to register to use the app it pops up with a “Rooted Device” message

Rooted Device
We’re sorry, our app has been blocked from running on this device because it is jailbroken or rooted…

What I’ve looked at:

  • The old TSB app worked fine
  • Google Pay works fine, as do all other banking apps I have installed
  • I have checked that the FP2 passes Google’s SafetyNet - passes on all counts
  • Disabled Developer Options
  • Disabled Beta mode in FP Updater
  • Is not and never has been rooted (also verified on root checker)
  • Have attempted to ensure the bootloader is locked (I don’t know about this one)
  • Have reflashed the FP OS Update
  • The device shows as Certified in the Play Store (I cleared the app data to ensure it picked this up)

Is there anything else I can try… and more importantly, what on earth do you think the app is checking? I’ll contact the app dev, but just wanted to check if there was anything more to try/check first


Wow, seems like you really want to use that banking app on your phone - whether that’s secure “even” on a not rooted phone is another discussion. I would have probably given up long ago.

Wild guess, but did you clear data and reinstall the app after that? Maybe the app remembers that it was installed from the Play Store when the device was uncertified? :confused:

Maybe it simply has a list of supported devices, but rather than telling you the FP2 is not on the list shows this standard error message.


Thanks - I’ve now just uninstall/reinstalled, unfortunately it’s still the same.


Since we’re only guessing now and you’ve proven the error message being wrong anyway … Do you perhaps first have to kind of activate your bank account in Internet Banking somehow for being able to use the Mobile Banking App with it at all?

If not, perhaps it’s time to give the bank a call …

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