Network doesn't work

Fairphone 2
Version android 7.1.2

I don’t have network since yesterday. In total, my phone was able to detect some 3/4 times for very short amount of times. I tried manually and automatically and nothing happens.

Internet and bluetooth work just fine.

I have already switched off and on the phone; I have already tried the 2 sim card entrances and nothing works. It’s not my network, which is Swisscom in Switzerland, because no one else has this problem, but me + Swisscom is the biggest provider in Switzerland. The problem must definitely come from the phone and I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know if it’s mechanical…

As such, I’m here to get some help. Right now, I’m blocked on a lot of accesses, because I can’t received sms with access codes…


Perhaps you need a new Sim card.
Does your Sim card works in another FP2?

It does work in another smartphones; I don’t have a 2nd FP2… It’s just suddenly stopped working. I never had this problem before with any of my previous smartphones.

If you have a working backup you could try to do a factory reset to rule out any software problem.
It might also be a problem with the antenna.

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A factory reset on the Fairphone 2 only rules out problems with Apps installed by the user and user data, as these are what the factory reset deletes. But it doesn’t touch the OS at all.

Installing from scratch should rule out any software problem.

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We tried to disassemble the phone, but I don’t have enough tools to do so… I did let him fall, which makes me believe it is the antenna. How could I reach out to someone in Switzerland to help out?

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If you still have guarantee you might #contactsupport . Or you might have a look at #fairphoneangels map.

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Very true words most users would not admit. :+1:

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