Need to reformat SD card after nightly update

after my first nightly update after I had upgraded from LineageOS 14 to 15 the SD card isn’t regonized properly.
It was format to internal storage again after the upgrade as it wasn’t regonized anymore as internal storage.
Now the same happened again after the update.
Does anyone experienced the same issue?

I only had the issue when upgrading from 14.1 to 15.1 (formatted as external storage), but not on subsequent updates once I was on 15.1.

:sweat:Any idea how to debug this behaviour. SD card worked excellent in 15 before the update.

As it sounds like you let the phone handle the formatting of the card, there should be no compatibility problem with the card’s format.

So … use the SD card as external storage, as using it as Internal Storage seems to invite only trouble.

In my point of view, choosing to incorporate an SD card into Internal Storage is handing over the integrity of the whole Internal Storage to the SD card. If the card becomes corrupt, which I think it will most probably sooner than the hardwired storage chips of the phone, with the only question being when exactly, it may take the whole Internal Storage down with it.
It seems the OS has strict checks in place for the state of the SD card. That’s a good thing.

I guess the possibility to use an SD card this way dates back to when smartphones didn’t have enough storage for anything … but the Fairphone 2? At 32 GB internal?

What’s your use case (honest question)? Perhaps it could be addressed differently …


I’ve got a plenty of apps (I’m still analyzing which apps need so much space) so I got around 10 GB left and going to install some offline maps, what will reduce it again. So I need to get the SD Card working.

I’m wondering how I could check the integrity of the card, any idea?

Let’s if it happens again next Friday, when the next nightly is released.

Le dim. 28 oct. 2018 à 13:47, AnotherElk a écrit :

It survived the last update but I will get me a new one soon

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