Need spare parts but live in CANADA

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Love this forum by the way.
Is there a way to get spare parts for the FP2 in Quebec, Canada? I need a bottom module cause my FP2 constantly switch between “charging” and “not charging”. I tried 3 différents cables / plugs and switch the option “USB charging” developper option to “On”, but nothing seems to work.



Buying a fairphone 2 in Canada

Some third party dealers might ship overseas, e.g. Vireo (from Germany).

Maybe the folks here can contribute some of their experience, too:


Vireo.de is a good place to start with.

If they don’t deliver outside the EU you can alternatively try it here:



Another online-shop shipping worldwide is located in Finland

A fellow Canadian has ordered his phone there and seemed pretty satisfied


Yep - ecosto pricing was good, and shipping was surprisingly fast. Plus they do seem to have a good supply of spare parts, including the bottom module.


Thx everyone, I’ll have a look!

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