Need spare parts but live in CANADA

Love this forum by the way.
Is there a way to get spare parts for the FP2 in Quebec, Canada? I need a bottom module cause my FP2 constantly switch between “charging” and “not charging”. I tried 3 différents cables / plugs and switch the option “USB charging” developper option to “On”, but nothing seems to work.




Some third party dealers might ship overseas, e.g. Vireo (from Germany).

Maybe the folks here can contribute some of their experience, too: is a good place to start with.

If they don’t deliver outside the EU you can alternatively try it here:

Another online-shop shipping worldwide is located in Finland

A fellow Canadian has ordered his phone there and seemed pretty satisfied

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Yep - ecosto pricing was good, and shipping was surprisingly fast. Plus they do seem to have a good supply of spare parts, including the bottom module.


Thx everyone, I’ll have a look!

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