Need objective informations about everyday life with a fairphone2

Can you remember the link of that page/blog?
It sounds like hearing music that way should be easy with FP2.
Which fairphone angels (of which city/region) did you try to contact?

I guess, the blog could have referred to the problem some users have with their headphone plugs?
Streaming music should not be a problem, except that it might drain the battery fast. Maybe someone here has some experience with music streaming?

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Spotify = works
mp3 with different players = works
web radio with Firefox browser = works

wired headphones from Teufel =works
bluetooth speaker from Bose = works

running LineageOS 15.1

So I see no problems for you not to use a Fairphone for your needs =)


Thank you for your answer, Ok this phone seems to be the top one. And what are the technical differences between fp1 and fp2?
More over did you hear of someone selling his/her fairphone 2? with cool price…

Can you give me the right email adress for the afirphone angel of Montpellier, France? Thank you…

Here is the link: it is in french…

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Just read the article. Not the best one if you’re looking for objectivity IMHO… the author got a bad experience and just give a feedback. Interesting but not sufficient… (and that’s why you’re here :wink: )
Maybe off topic, but there’s lot of thoughts in the article about ecoresponsability but the author seems to massively use streaming services, online services, google apps… which are not known, as far as I know, to be so much green. I can’t join the dots here…

Faitphone is, from my point of view, the best choice if you are trying to be ethical and in control of your data usage… You can, for a start, easily install Fairphone Open OS or Lineage OS to get better control.
Back to the topic : I agree with @ElKrasso, I don’t use spotify but all the rest just works as expected! I’m using FairPhone Open OS.

Just another opinion, hope it helps.


If you use the standard Android OS, the FP2 is just like any other phone.

But note that the FP2 is expensive for what you get. It feels much more like a piece of plastic than other phones at the same price point (expensive, well-designed phones), but that’s the cost of being able to exchange parts. I have had a few minor hiccups with mine in terms of random reboots, poor battery time (especially jumping from 15% to 1% in minutes of non-use), the headphone plug does create issues with some cables (but not most).

On the upside is the exchangeability, IMO ethical products are supposed to be more expensive, and there’s a great open operating system that let’s you take your privacy back from google.

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I agree but not in this point.

It feels much more like a piece of plastic than other phones at the same price point (expensive, well-designed phones)

The so well designed super shiny most fragile glas all around phones are just advertising itself. As soon as they are owned by one, they were put into some ultra heavy super ugly mega bulky chinese designed low value bumper to keep them save for any impact that makes me laugh out loud as soon as I see that.
I guess Fairphone thought about that by designing the FP2 this way. I am very happy about that I do not need any kind of bumper around my not super nice but well looking FP2.

Note: I hide some ironics in this text. Anyone who could find it is welcome to a tech talk, at least with some beer :wink:


Hi Aliki,

I bought the Fairphone 2 and I’m happy with.

I use it with Android, I do not feel confident enough to install an other OS (système d’exploitation) like Lineage.
The big difference with the OS is that Android (google) will know everything (your data are his business) and that Lineage is completely open source and won’t use your data.
The OS (système d’exploitation Android ou Lineage) is regulary updated. That’s an imortant point because the other don’t do that and you can quickly get a “young hardware with an old software”, which can provocate some lack in the security.
A complicated aspect could be that, with Lineage, you would have no access to google play and you would have to find your app on an other apps storage like F-Droid.

I can hear my mp3 without any problem and everything works fine.
The design is bulky and robust. You won’t break it so easily. If it happen you can repair it, the spare part aren’t so expensive.

Nous pouvons communiquer en français si tu le souhaites.

Just to clarify some common misconceptions …

Fairphone OS … is Android.
With Google Apps and services preinstalled, certified by Google, supported by Fairphone, currently Android 7.1.2.

Fairphone Open OS … is Android.
Without Google Apps and services preinstalled, supported by Fairphone, currently Android 7.1.2.

LineageOS … is Android.
Without Google Apps and services preinstalled, supported by the LineageOS community, currently Android 9.0.

/e/ … is Android.
Based on LineageOS currently, supported by the /e/ community.

Just different flavours based on the same Android groundwork by Google.

You can run some real non-Android OSes on the Fairphone 2, see #oslist.

Not by default, but you can install Google Apps and services yourself to your liking (you can choose exactly which ones) via projects like

And you can register a device running an Android not certified by Google with Google to avoid running into potential trouble using the Play Store on such an Android …

So if you really wanted, you could have your LineageOS outfitted with the same Google Apps and services like Fairphone OS … well, newer versions of them currently :slight_smile: .

Difference is … if something is broken and can be traced back to Google’s groundwork, Fairphone can complain and demand a fix from Google (in my understanding at least) … the LineageOS community can’t do that, they would have to somehow fix it themselves.

 Hello to everybody^^

Waow I am glad that my post has created such enthusiasm… :slight_smile:
So I read the last posts of Jujube and AnotherElk but some questions remain… I too tend in my everyday life to avoid google, as many of you I think… and according to AnotherElk I should use an non Android OS choosed in the os list? What is the point to use an android system?
Because it is automatically a google license or something like this? Sorry but I have never owned a smartphone until now (because of personal choice).
For the french ones, do you know the french search engine called “Lilo”? Do you use it on FP and is it possible to to install it on FP? Usually for ordinary phones you can install as a google app … :confused: so I wondered if ther was another way.
Thank you anyway for all your posts,
Have a nice day!!!


Hi Aliki,

I’ve seen the Lilo browser on the google play, so you can use it.
That’s nice to do some advertisement for them :wink:

For the OS, it’s a very personal question.
Like I said I do not feel now enough confident. I take my time.

The point of using Android (with more or less Google services in it) is that you would have a phone compatible with many apps. If you think that you will use apps, and especially special ones (like for your bank, to purchase bus tickets, etc.), using Android will be easier.

Sailfish and Ubuntu have the advantage of being Google-free, which means that they don’t depend on Google for the updates (if I understand correctly, they are still built on top of Android, but someone techy could explain it better). And it feels better for the spirit if you are looking for open source software or non-monopolistic systems.

I would advise you this:

  1. Think about what you will do, need to do or want to do with your phone. Is there an app you absolutely must use, for example? Do you plan to chat with friends using a special app (Whasapp - don’t!!! –, Telegram, Signal, Conversations, etc.)
  2. Try to take a look at Ubuntu, Sailfish and Android in action (perhaps a Fairphone angel lives next to you). Or at least check videos on their respective websites.
  3. Try out the systems for a while: one month on Ubuntu, one on Lineage (or Fairphone Open OS, or /e/), one on Sailfish.

As it is your first Smartphone, as you are not yet (I guess) in need for special apps, and as you want to avoid Google, I would advise to start with Ubuntu and Sailfish.

Enjoy your phone!


Dear Alice,
I am really sorry to write that I am completely dissatisfied with my Fairphone2 and I would not buy it again.
I actually bought 2 Fairphones (one for me, one for my mum): in the first one, the camera broke few weeks after the first use, in the second one was not working from the beginning.
I asked for assistance to the customer service but I received copy/past answers sending me back to the troubleshooting section of the website where I had apparently fix the phones by myself.
The refuse to provide assistance on flawed products is a breach of the relevant customer protection legislation.

I didn’t read all the previous replies, but here are my experiences so far:

It’s pretty powerful, but also doesn’t use much battery, I even let it running in regular day mode (internet connected etc.) at night (uses about 2% per hour that way).
I almost never have performance issues, which is a great relief from my previous phone, where absolutely everything lagged at the end.
It also has a 1080p resolution, which is awesome. Whenever I now use my old phone, everything appears huge.

It has no NFC, but the NFC connection of my Bluetooth headphones never worked properly anyway, so I don’t mind that. And I put my EC card into it (there’s just about enough empty space inside) and can now use it to pay anyway.

I rarely listen to music using the speakers. The quality of them is alright, but not good. If you want quality, I don’t recommend phone speakers anyway.
Bluetooth headphones cause no problems, other than the usual Bluetooth hassle of having to manually select it again if they were previously connected to a different device.
The headphone slot also works well and using it to use the phone as a microphone for a PC actually gives me the best audio quality of all microphones that I own.

Now to the problems: I have a relatively new Fairphone 2, which contains a camera module that has problems with newer Android versions. After I installed Fairphone Open (which is ridiculously easy to do, compared to my previous two phones), I had such a new Android version, I think it was Android 7. It also had some other problems, like GBoard crashing whenever I try to open the settings, rebooting when I try to shut it down and a few other things. I solved most of them by installing LineageOS (Android 8.1 at the time, now Android 9). The only problem left now is that the main camera doesn’t work most of the time, so I have to photograph with the front camera, that’s quite annoying. But I admit, I haven’t reported the bug yet and I don’t know if someone else has.

If you use XPosed, you can’t disable it with the key combination while the phone boots. The solution is to put the disabler on the SD card ahead of time and just flashing that with the recovery when you have a bootloop. I installed 14 mods, most of them not even made for this Android version, and only had one bootloop so far. If you just install the standard stuff like GravityBox or Scoop, you should have no problems like that.

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I use Bluetooth (AAC) daily with Spotify during commute, and at work. It works well though it depends per headset. In general I got good connectivity. It even keeps working when I go grab a coffee so I don’t have to talk to co-workers. :heart_eyes: though my previous Bluetooth speakers were terrible. I kept losing connection whilst at Amsterdam Central Station.

LTE connectivity gets slightly worse over time due to silver being used. Gotta clean the contacts every once in a while to remove the corrosion.

Are you using Xposed on Android 9? If so, where did you install it from? The version in F-Droid seems to be updated 1 year ago.

I installed Magisk from here:
And then I selected XPosed as one of the modules. It was last updated in May.
Another one is “Blobmoji”, in case you don’t like the new emoji.

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