Need new battery for FP3 in Malaysia, suggestions for unofficial replacements?

My FP3 battery has swollen and I need a replacement but I live in East Malaysia. Fairphone does not ship outside of Europe and apparently cannot ship individual stand-alone batteries as they are dangerous substances. I am looking for suggested alternatives of other battery brands that I might be able to find in Malaysia that would fit and work well (e.g., iPhone, Samsung??). I understand that Fairphone cannot recommend batteries from any other companies and that it can be dangerous and less ethical to use others, but I am otherwise stuck. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Given the size of 9cm x 4cm I can only suggest you check your countries resources online.

Where did you get the phone. I imagine the cost of returning the phone for a repair hasn’t seemed reasonable due to cost but have you asked officially if they will ‘repair the phone’ though you cannot send it back with a damaged battery.

How old is the phone, please read

If the battery is not within warranty which I think is a year for the battery check out the cost as a repair

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Regarding other threads like this, you could try shopping with a reseller.
If I recall it correctly, the German shop vireo is shipping overseas:

There was at least one user, thast ordered a battery for a FP2 from NZ:


Thanks for your responses! I bought it in Amsterdam in Nov 2019. I don’t think it is an option to send it back given shipping restrictions here in Malaysia at the moment.

Hi Bert - thank you so much for the suggestion to check out Vireo. I contacted them and they confirmed that they can indeed ship batteries to Malaysia so I am going to try that! Thank you again.


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