Need a new FP5 battery urgently

Anybody got a spare battery? Is not available in the shop or elsewhere???

Do you need it for testing? Or as a replacement? I guess it wasn’t available as spare so far, so I guess there are none lying around somewhere.

If it’s that urgent, then the old one is probably broken? I suggest to contactsupport. It might even be a warranty case given that the FP5 is very new and you can’t have had it for long.

no, I bought a used FP 5 for 400.-- which has no battery and thought its s good deal…
bad greed

Fairphone says in the shop that the battery is coming soon.

Wow, that seems strange. If you contactsupport anyway, they might be able to help you out with a battery even if it’s not listed, yet. But it might help if you had some valid proof of purchase, i.e. something to show that the device was not stolen.

Are you really sure it is a FP5? Who is selling a two weeks old phone for a little bit more than half the price, even without battery?


I agree, the whole thing does not make sense. And what happened to the battery!?

Anyone who can’t overcome Firmware Reset Protection? ;o)


Send another person to the same seller! He just happens to have a single FP5 battery on offer!?

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It’s in stock now.