Necuno Mobile (open source KDE Plasma smartphone)

Finnish company Necuno are partnering with KDE to deliver an open source KDE Plasma smartphone, including open source firmware:

They are planning to use Freescale/NXP i.MX6 SoC with Etnaviv accelerated GPU driver.

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Oh, this looks like a mid-range equivalent to the Purism Librem 5! Good news for everyone’s freedom! :smiley:


Developer version of the smartphone (without SIM slot of cellular modem) is available for 1200 EUR



The selection of OSes is quite impressive:

  • Plasma Mobile on Debian
  • Plasma Mobile on postmarketOS
  • Maemo Leste
  • Nemo Mobile
  • LuneOS
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I understand your reaction, I felt the same way, but we can’t draw conclusions based on the developer model price. I’m trying to keep an open mind until details about the price of the final product are known.

Yeah, you’re totally right. I forgot to add that there were only 500 units available, which adds another dimension to the view (industrial production costs increases when lesser units are being produced) and justifies the price somehow. I’d have named the device “developer”, instead of “comunity”, though.


They were going to be at MWC which got cancelled due to world-wide outbreak of a coronavirus. They were at FOSDEM though.

I hope more info is out soon. KDE Mobile has so much potential!