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Thanks for your replies so far, though that’s what I thought as well. I downloaded the map for Brittany without any problems, but I have not tested yet if I can download additional regions. The 7 € are not my problem, I just hate to be obliged to create accounts for it.That’s like opening a bank account (speaking of my private data) to pay a bus ticket. So if OSMAND would offer the possibility to pay for example with a simple international bank transfer, I would be happy to pay the double. Sure, for them it is simpler to give everything to PlayStore and just receive the money instead of organizing their own payment services.

Iirc it’s the amount of offline maps you can have at once, and probably some plugins… I bought the paid version, because I wanted to use it on holidays where I was mainly offline, and for supporting the project

If I remember correctly you have 1 or 2 unimportant plugins more BUT the ability to download offline maps via the interface. You are able to download all openstreet maps for free on their site and fully use them - but like @lklaus said… supporting the project.

Sorry, I just deleted my original question by accident :flushed: It was : What is the difference between the 7€ version of OSMAND available on PlayStore and the free version available on FDROID ? I think it was my third post on this forum and I have still some difficulties in handling it :sunglasses:

As far as I know there is no difference between the free of the paid app.
Why the paid app, because then you support the project, your contribution to new development and you receive the latest updates.
For me I bought the app, buying gives me a fair feeling in using the app.


I didn’t test it, but isn’t it possible to pay anonymously with a voucher for play, which you can buy nearly everywhere? Granted, you pay more for the voucher than for Osman’s alone, but maybe there’s also another app you always wanted to own…

I believe it depends on where you get the free version. The free version from F-Droid is the full version from play. Only the free version from play has limitations. At least it’s like that for many other apps.

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The free version of Osmand is limited to 10 downloads, thats all! You can as well download the maps via PC and store them on your smartphone. But if you find that Osmand is usable and good, please pay …

By the way: try the 1.9-version, it’s not so overloaded and has a “terminate”-button.

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Unfortunately, Osmand~ is painfully slow on my device. After zooming or swiping the map, it takes up to 10 seconds to render the map - that’s on the limit of usability.

I don’t understand why. For comparison:

  • OSM online maps work via JavaScript in the Web Browser -> slow

  • OSM online maps load maps from the internet -> slow

  • Osmand runs as an native app -> fast

  • Osmand uses locally stored maps -> fast

So in theory, Osmand should be way faster than OpenStreetMap online, but the opposite is true.
How’s that? Can something be done about this?

  1. Which version?
  2. Has your phone something else to do? Number crunching?
  3. In my version there is a setting in “Debigging”: native renderer, Try to switch on/off
  4. deaktivate complex routing (in version 1.9)
  5. there’s another setting in 1.9, what to do with that I will tell you, if you use this version.
  1. 2.3.5, that’s the latest from F-Droid
  2. Like SETI? :wink: Only kidding. I don’t think so.
  3. Can’t find “Debugging”
  4. Can’t find that either …

Well, thanks anyway …

Update: Tried to downgrade to 1.9.5 via F-Droid, but I get an “unknown error” during installation.
Apart from that, it was not much faster back then IIRC.

I have that version for testing-purpose.

First: you can not downgrade, you have to deinstall osmand, then to install the new version.

Debugging: goto to map-screen, push the menu-button, tap on “plugins”. Chose - at the bottom - Osmand-developing, go back, tap the menu-button, chose settings. Now you find a new settings-item, where you can play.

Osmand lacks a “terminate”-button, so I had to stop the app by hand, when I chose another storage-folder and when I had set the text2speech-settings.

My test-smartphone has one CPU at 1.2 GHz and Rendering is ok.

Edit: My testversion had as storage-path /data/app/osmand. Control if thats the case with your installation. If yes, then your maps will eat the phones storage. Better set that to /storage/scard0/osmand (or if you can write to sdcard /storage/sdcard1/osmand).

I’m using version 2.3.3 with maps for Brittany. It works fine, no problems with rendering. Only thing I found is that you can not switch it off… It continues running in the background, even if you logout. Anyone has an idea ?

Use a version below 2, those have quit-buttons. I use 1.9.5, my wife is happy with 1.8.3

Update: just saw, that fdroid doesn’t offer those versions anymore. Download apk from here:

Is it possible that osmand~ is the reason for the reboots of the fairphone? If I remeber me correct: I first used “osmand free” without any problems. At a later point I installed F-Droid and I also replaced “osmand free” with “osmand~” on my phone because I had tried to use F-Droid as main source for Apps instead of the google play store. And before 4 days I uninstalled “osmand free” and without the reboot for the OS update the phone did not reboot again.

In this threads about the reboots the application I can read “osmand~” again and again. So is it possible that “osmand~” is the main problem for this reboots?

I will have a look if the reboots starts again without this application. I will report here when I notice a reboot. :wink:

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