Navigation now stops working when OFF, i.e. on "standby"? After update 8901.3.A.0077.20201221

Has update 8901.3.A.0077.20201221 changed anything about the GPS navigation? Perhaps different permissions needed to override the battery saving, or anything alike?

My WALKING APP, which records my GPS route, has suddenly changed its behaviour completely - it is now ONLY recording my GPS path when I hold it in my hands, unlocked and ON.

BEFORE no problem:
Before the update, it had been VERY different: I started the walking app, and simply put the phone away, into my pocket. Then after returning from my walk, I had my precise GPS path recorded.

Not anymore.

As soon as I switch the phone off (i.e. to standby, or what is it called?) the GPS app stops recording. Only when I switch it back on, the path continues. But obviously, then I have huge “jumps” in the GPS path.

All this happened after installing the fairphone3 update.

It says it is version: 10 (8901.3.A.0077.20201221)
The walking app is called: com.fitzeee.pedometerwalking

Please advise, thanks

Please go to Settings > Apps > All apps, then click the app, go to Advanced > Battery, and make sure background power consumption is allowed.


Please update to v0084 :slight_smile:

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