Ñ character? changing keyboard language

Hi to all,
does someone know how to memorize the ñ caracter (among other special ones)
when the keyboard language is not spanish?

My general language settled on the FP is French, but it happens to me to write in Spanish
and I don’t want to change the whole language of the phone everytime I write a message.

In other androids there is a shortcut: you just have to swipe on the space button while writing and the language changes from French to Spanish and back again. Plus, in other androids you can “memorize” the ñ caracter if you usit often.

Does somebody know how to change the keyboard language while writing? or to memorize the ñ?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, it is possible to use two languages only on the keyboard.

Go to System settings (the button far left below on your phone)
under the sub PERSONAL tap on 'Language & input’
under the sub Default tap on the icon right of 'Google Keyboard’
tap on 'Input languages’
now tick the languages you need (I have Dutch and English)
In Messaging and in WhatsApp I can just change the language by tap on the world-icon.
The world-button is only visible if you have multi-languages selected.

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Thanks for the fast reply!
It works perfectly, I have Spanish, French and English now.
Do you know if there is a limit in the number of languages admitted and if it makes FP go slower?

I have no idea if there’s a limit in the number of languages admitted.
No, I don’t think it will make the FP slower as you will use the different languages not at the same time but change from one to another.

OK. I just imagined that if you have several characters coming from several languaged charged in your phone it could make it slower. But I guess that is such a little amount of data that the speed doesn’t get affected.
Thanks again for the reply