MyPhoneExplorer gets killed or turns off when no link established

Hi there,

I’ve been using MPE mostly to read and send SMSes remotely (and sometimes to remotely send files), quite happily should I say (even though the clunky UI on my PC).

Except one problem: when the connection is established, it is firm, and MPE stays on on the FairPhone. But if I turn off my PC for some time (e.g. for the night), when I turn it back on, I can’t establish the link because MPE is off on the FP. I have to relaunch MPE myself to reestablish the link.

Yet, I took care to list MPE among the non-battery-optimised list.

I should also add my FP runs on the latest LineageOS micro-g 18.1

Any pointers?

Hi mml,

I’m using MPE for some stuff - not same like you but at least I’m a bit familiar with that piece of software :wink:

This …

… sounds to me like it’s rather an issue of ‘mobile wants to access but pc rejects connection’.

I’m not sure if MPE even got the capability of automatically re-connect to any previously connected devices.

Please feed us with some information:
What system runs on your PC - Windows/Linux/etc … and which one/which version ?

My best guess right now - having the above mentioned information is:
If you turn off your PC and do a reboot/restart, then you also got to re-start MPE on it or- at least- reestablish that connection to your phone.

Another little game changer -as a question- would be: Do you really turn off your PC … or do you send it to sleep ?

Don Fnord

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Without a connection to the computer the MPE client App on the phone clearly states at the top “Waiting for connection, app will be closed in 15 minutes” … and then it counts down the minutes until the App gets closed.

I don’t see any setting in the client App to change or disable this.

German topic in the MyPhoneExplorer forum: FJ Software :: Thema anzeigen - MPE Client beendet sich nach 15min.

English topic: FJ Software :: Thema anzeigen - App closing in 15 Minutes. How to disable?


Perfect answer in a nutshell.
Thanks for perfect clarification!

Thanks for your replies guys.

So, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature… What a weird feature!

Sorry I missed that information, both on MPE and MPE’s forum; I just wasn’t looking for the right information, believing something was killing the app.

I remember back in time the computer side was reliably able to start the client App on the phone remotely to inititate the connection, so this auto-closing of the App wouldn’t have been a problem.
Somewhen later remotely starting the client App stopped working reliably, so I just got used to starting the client App manually (I have it on my home screen, so it’s no big deal).

If you could get this remote start of the App by the computer side to work again reliably, this could potentially solve your problem.
I didn’t look into this any further.

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As far as I remember, the automatic start of the client only worked with a wired or a Bluetooth connection, but never with a WLAN connection.

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