My (Positive) Fairphone 2 Story

Hey everyone,

In advent of a new Fairphone model arriving soon, I decided to share my experience with the Fairphone 2 in my personal blog: My Fairphone 2 Story | Stefan Hegselmann.
Compared to some other stories shared here in the forum, my conclusion is rather positive. Feel free to share it with people that think about buying a Fairphone 3 :slight_smile:.

PS: And don’t get me wrong, of course I will keep my FP2 :wink:


Thank you for the refreshing positive take on the Faiphone 2! Just too bad you’re no longer here in Aachen … but I can see how my place of birth Münster is a tempting destination :relaxed:

Just one thought. You mention how Ubuntu and Sailfish are not officially supported by Fairphone which is correct, of course. However, maybe you could clarify for lesser Fairphone-experienced readers that both Ubuntu and Sailfish (and /e/) at least exist for the FP2?


Where can I read more official about this statement?

see here


Just because my FP2 still performs so well, no matter what Fairphone has to offer on 27.08.2019 I’m afraid it’s too early for me to switch or purchase.
Maybe in 1 or 2 years, who knows.


Hi Stefan - a nice blog post. I agree that FP2 needs the user to have some technical expertise. 2 members of my family have switched away because they found self-fixing problems albeit with the help of the company too demanding.

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Thanks for your feedback! The Fairphone Community that you organize in Aachen is really awesome. Keep up the good work ;). I will add a sentence about the support of Ubuntu/Sailfish. I have no experience with /e/ yet, but it looks very promising.

Probably the same here.

Yes that is really a big problem, although I can understand that Fairphone’s capacity for support is limited. Right now fair and ethical technology comes for the prize of reduced usability (especially for alternative operating systems in my point of view). Lets hope that this situation improves in the upcoming years!

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