My phone is working overtime

My dear, “old” fairphone is really slowing down. It takes forever to open apps and such. And very often (10-15 times/day) it gets REALLY hot! So hot that its hurtful to hold on to it or have it the the pocket. Has someone else experienced this? What parts do I need to replace for it to back to normal??

Try first to turn it off and on again. This should close all the apps running in background and keeping the device too busy.


Sorry but I cant restart my phone 10+15 times/day! And when it sometimes just shuts down and restarts itself that still dosent make it cool down.

// Sofia

You could backup all your important data from the phone and try a factory reset before changing parts.

If perhaps it is the OS itself misbehaving though, a factory reset may not be enough, then wiping the phone completely and reinstalling the OS could help.

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps assist with that.

If you are still on your first battery, please make sure it isn’t the battery that gets so hot. Batteries don’t last forever.

I really understand your troubles.
Yet, if you turn the phone off, and wait a short while (let’s say one minute) before starting it again, that might really do the trick. If the phone (i.e. the SoC above the battery) is getting hot, that’s usually due to an app doing overtime (as you correctly stated). For me it sometimes takes 2 (max. 3) restarts, before the phone behaves normal again (for weeks that is).
If the phone is just rebooting, that does not kill the process, that’s running wild and heating your phone.
Of course it would be good to find that crazy app and there are other apps, that help finding them (discussed here in the forum already; I just don’t know where right now). Then you could maybe uninstall that bad app. E.g. the facebook-app seems to be a trouble-maker (if I rememer correctly) and you better use a third-party app for that purpose.
I really have no idea, if changing parts will do the trick for you.

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