My phone is not responding and crashing?

Hey my phone is totally flipping/ Seems to be crashing. Tried to restart and took out THE battery but aant reacting. How do I reboot or…?

Rebooting isnt working pls what do I do?

I tried to reboot after 6 times I have THE green robot ko “no command”

Pls don’t tell me hè is dead?

The screen with the green robot is recovery mode.
Here’s a guide on how to navigate there:

If you have a backup you can use recovery mode to do a hard reset which will wipe all your data and probably solve your problems.

But what happened the other times you tried to reboot? Did the screen stay black?


Hey ok I am now on the Android system recovery.
Do I choose reboot system now or … Or what of THE 8 other choices?
Back-up user data? Restore?

Try reboot system first.
If it doesn’t work (probably) you can still try the other options.
I believe you need an SD-card for a backup through recovery mode but I’m not sure.
Next step would be a hard reset I guess.
The option “Restore” is to restore a backup, not to fix problems.

Ok thank you
I have an sd card…
Just reboot or Back-up user data?

Thnx so much I’m an idiot

Yes, first try the reboot, which probably won’t work, but it’s worth a try as it would be the solution with least data-loss.
If it doesn’t work go back to recovery mode, make a backup and do a hard reset. It will delete everything from the phone and you’ll need to restore the backup afterwards. And even then probably not everything will be restored unfortunately.

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