My phone is dead and won’t charge

Help! After only a couple of weeks my phone dies - completely unresponsive. It was fully charged but I tried to recharge just in case. Nothing. I’ve had no reply from customer service. I’m very disappointed. Can anyone suggest my next step.

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Which Fairphone do you own? How old is it?

I have the fp4. Is this something that is common?

Not for the FP4 as I know. Some FP3 are suffering a sudden death.

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How did you contact Fairphone?

a) The website usually suggest to try things before sending it but having requested support I would have thought you would get a recognition email promtly with a promise to contact within 5 days or so
b) You can email directly vis support|at|fairphone|dot|com
c) You can call

You hopefully will get a ticket number once Fairphone have acknowledged your request.

As for the phone, have you tired to dismantle and reassemble as it may just be a loose connection?

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Yes I tried everything that was suggested. I had the email acknowledging my query. That was 12 days ago and nothing else. Twelve days without a working phone. Ah well it might not work and I might not have had a reply from customer service but at least my money went to an ethical company!

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I’m sure they will respond. Did you get a ticket number with the reply?

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