My phone has a very strange problem, won't recognise charger, turns on randomly, won't stay on for more than a minute

My phone will not recognise a charger, and can’t get past a “1% charged” message while charging. I have only managed to get past the message by unplugging the phone tactically, but the phone still doesn’t recognise the charger and turns off after a couple of minutes.

The phone also tries to turn itself on while charging every few minutes. This is unlike everything I’ve ever seen before.

Have tried checking the usb ports for debris? Can you test the phone’s battery with someone else, maybe a #fairphoneangel

Presumably you have other cables and charger you can try.


Have you contacted support@fairphone yet? You have a basic warranty that lasts two years.

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Hi amoun,

yes… I do that, for EMEA the repai Center is in France.


Thank you, you have really helped.

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