My microphone doesn't work anymore 😱

I bought a fairphone 2 last year, and was totally found of our product. But I have big issues since last week, without any special event (my phone didn’t fall of nothing like this) : people can’t hear me during a call… By phone, or whats app, is the same. Micro issue ?

I would love to have a support about that … :cat:

Please bear in mind that this is a community forum, not an official support channel. Fairphone staff only shows up here every once in a while on a random basis.

I would recommend you go through the tips in the clickable Troubleshooting Tool that Fairphone offers at

If this does not solve your issues, the tool also helps you with sending an official support request. Once that is submitted, you will get a confirmation email also including a phone number if necessary.


Your phone is not yet out of warranty. If you contact Support, they will likely offer you a replacement bottom module for free as indeed the microphones sometimes break.


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