My journey with my FP4 ( 5G) and WifiCalling

Hello everybody,

I bought my FP4 a year ago, I was switching from an iPhone 7 to it. So I migrated everything (which was a pain in the ass, but it worked) and then everything was working. But after some days I noticed, that my WifiCalling wasn’t working anymore (it worked on the iPhone 7). So I was searching in Forums and even contacted my provider. But after hours/days of debugging, I gave up. For me, WifiCalling is an important thing, but not crucial. I noticed the following things:

  • The configuration options for WifiCalling were not available in the Fairphone and it did not work when there was a cellular signal
  • When there was no cellular signal (I’m often in bunker-like buildings with no signal) and a call was made to my number suddenly it was made over WifiCalling.
  • VoLTE was also not available as a configuration option. If it was used in the background I cannot say.
  • My provider informed me, that from his side everything is working.

So why am I writing this now: I switched my provider lately and suddenly WifiCalling and VoLTE were available as a configuration option and they’re working like a charm. The interesting thing is, that lately I found a list of supported providers for WiFiCalling and there was only my old provider on it and not my new one.

In the end, this story is the only bad thing happening to me concerning the FP4. I do not blame anybody for this. Maybe it was because I had a sim card that was up to 12 years old, maybe it was a bug at Fairphone or my old provider. But I don’t know. I just wanted to share that story with you.

For those wondering: I was not that annoyed about that, since whilst it is important, it is still nice to have since I do not get that many calls…

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Hence the age of the SIM card it’s most likely that this was the problem.


I’d suspect the provider.
I have a zenfone8 which was advertised as VoWifi and VoLTE compatible with 3 french providers.
Did never work with Orange F, no problem with the 2 others, on a +2 year experience, with Android 11 to 13 and many firmware releases, swapping providers every 6 months approx.

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Do you think so, even though it worked on the iPhone 7?

Yes, there are several people who had a problem caused by an older SIM card.
While in another brand of phone, the same SIM card gave no problems.


I didn’t know that. Thanks for your explanation :smiley:

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