My GPS is not working

Hey guys i am writing you for a problem that i am having with the GPS. Whenever i am trying to get my location via OsmAnd+ or Traccar Client i can’t get my location even if in the location settings is on and i am using only GPS, and these applications have the required permissions they need. When i try to use SatStat i litterally get nothing. I still get the icon in the status bar but nothing’s happening. I am currently using FP OS with the latest release (Android 7).
Is there a way to get around it?

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Do you have this issue out of the box or has it worked before?
Try the tips from the #gpsguide, but if you can’t see any satelite in SatStat it sounds like a hardware issue.

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Also note that GPS alone is slow and not accurate. You need cell towers location provider also. This is provided out of the box when you are on Google’s android. For other OSs, you need to setup a provider for that (I.e. Mozilla’s).

Unfortunately, you can’t just install a provider like any other app. For me, I ended up installing Lineage OS with microg + Mozilla provider (which comes with it out of the box) (

But, first I’d chech if your device can see satellites, to be sure that it is not a hardware issue.

I left SatStat for a couple of hours and it finally got my location!Tho, is there a way for me to speed up the process?It is still hard to use my gps in my everyday activities.

That doesn’t sound normal. I’d contact support and send the phone in if you still have warranty (2 years).

Just checking: did you have clear sight of large sections of sky at the time? As you probably know, GPS struggles when there’s buildings / trees / other objects between the device and the satellites it uses for positioning (hence the benefit to using cell tower info in built-up areas).


Do you think it is a hardware problem?
Johannes i live in the city so i am sorrounded by everything…whoever when i use other devices it works smoothly with no delay at all.

Try to go somewhere where you have a full view of the sky - if GPS is still super slow there then it’s likely a hardware issue, otherwise I’d investigate further.

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I went far away the city for the weekend and still it doesn’t want to show my position…Can i send it to you guys?Maybe its really a hardware problem