My FP4 randomly switches off and on

I did not install any update, but the phone keeps switching off and on since 2 days. Today, at least 4 times.
Anyone else with this problem?

Step 1: Update

Make sure to update to the latest software: Fairphone OS v.087 (Build number FP4.TP20.C.087)

The release of some updates may be delayed by up to a few weeks. This depends on your country and phone carrier.

Keep in mind that after a software update the operating system could take some time to adjust to the new settings, as some services might be updated only after being used. This might temporarily impact your battery life. If the battery issues persist after 1 week from the update, please follow the below steps.

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Thanks for your help.

I checked the latest information of the update, and it is TP25. C.09520231219. I assume this is a newer update? Is that correct?

Thanks again,

There is no update waiting to be installed, I checked that too…

Yes thats def the latest version you have.

I would start with switching off 5G.

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Thanks for the response.
I switched it off now, and will wait and see what happens.

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Bonjour, mon message précedent vous donnait la réponse du helpdesk de Fairphone, lors de ma panne semblable a votre défaut.
J’ai fait fin 2023 leur mise à jour TP20.C.087.
Depuis mon FP4 a fait les mise à jours aussi vers TP25. C.09520231219 et tout fonctionne toujours bien.