My FP4 no longer turn on and impossible to contact the FP support

After 3 month to use my FP4 shut down for no reason and reboot. it rebegane 4 times after functioned for 5 to 15 minutes and the 5th time it shut down, it no longer turn on, while the phone’s battery is full, the phone look like new.
Also I plugged in the wall but nothing happened.

I try to contact the support of FP for troubleshoot, directly on the website by sending messages.
because FP no offer telephone assistance line in France.
I send my first request the 1st of june 2022 and a second 1 week ago and no respond.

In this state, it’s impossible to see where come from the trouble. maybe the battery or the chipset.
for the last one isn’t adjustable, the only way it’s to send to the Service Centre to fix it.
finally, I have a micro problem since the beginning, I have got
my voice “Creeshing” and it’s barly audible for my callers. I don’t know if could be related with that trouble.

In short, I’m very disappointed for that FP’s experience, above all for the price of 650 euros.
My first trouble can’t be fix by “DIY”.
And I don’t find a way to claim my warranty and return the phone.
I reuse my old 2014 Moto G with broken screen and a old system support barly the today’s apps but still work. It’s a real shame.

Anyway, If someone who want a FairPhone product and not living in Netherland, I advised you to don’t buy to FairPhone e-shop and go buy to a mobil phone operator or a Hi-tec shop near where do you live.
you will pay more but you will be return it easly in case of trouble like me without the communication trouble with FP

Did you try to reach them via phone call? Maybe faster

the only phone number i found it’s the one only for Netherland
and I can’t call because my mobile subcription doesn’t allow.

Welcome to the forum!
I’m sorry to read that you have severe problems with your new device!

So it means you filled out the contract form? Did you get at least an automated response and a ticket number?
More details you might find at #contactsupport .

Maybe you have some contacts you could ask if they have an EU flatrate?

Now the Support contact me, since yesterday.
They take back my FP to repair by sending it with Ups at their own fees.

Maybe I will create a new topic for share my troubleshoot experience
for advice How work FP for a return.


and did you get already the return label?

Yes, I have got the UPS returns shipping label this morning.


Finally, it’s a good ending

after send my old one friday with a free shipping label.

A service center received it tuesday and we can folow the fixing in live like a shipping tracking.

sadely my old one is irreparable so their send a new one.
and I received the new one this friday.

So the support service is very good
if FP respond more quickly.

So I share a tip-off for the FP support to add a support heading “Urgent-FP not work”.

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