My FP4 hangs up as soon as I take it out of my pants pocket


The topic’s title says almost all about my problem : when my FP4 rings and I try to take it out of my pants pocket, it almost always hangs up…

This happens whether I grip it with 2 fingers by the edge or by placing one finger on the screen and the other on the back.
As a result, I am systematically obliged to call back the person who was calling me.

I have not found any setting to correct this problem…
Does anyone encounter the same problem ?

Thanks for sharing your experience and for your help


Have not noticed that problem yet.
But just as an idea - might it make a difference if you turn the phone by 180°? I.e. with the display to the outer part of the pocket or in the direction to the body?


Hi Volker,
I am unsure. I have tested it with my son today but I cannot figure out what I do which can result in a hang up… and the result is variable…
Will test it again an tell you
Thanks for your help


Hi Volker,
Well, you were right ! : When I put the display to the outer part of the pocket the problem never occurs.
Thank you for the tip.
Anyway I think that this is an issue to be corrected : It appears that in such a case the screen touch is too sensitive.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad that at least the workaround is successful!

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