My FP4 and

Hi Guys,
My FP4 is got a reverse ip lookup with domain on it and port 5060 is open.
Anyone know what this is? and why? filtered sip


Seems to be a :czech_republic: carrier, are you located there by any chance? :thinking:

Port 5060 is, according to Wikipedia, used for VoLTE among other things.

No, in NL.
That is what makes this strange.

That is indeed very strange :thinking:

Could this be some kind of provisioning by your carrier to enable VoLTE while roaming?
If you disable mobile connectivity and only use Wi-Fi, does it still show up?

I tried your suggestion no change.

I found the issue.
It is my network config and the open network of
I fixed this issue, just bad luck, by chance I config my network IP range to the same one as, seen that this is a telocom provider, my phone got a hostname when it connected.
So, I changed my ip rage

Thanks for you help.


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