My FP3+ overheats and restarts by itself all the time

I have an FP3+, with Android, and I haven’t done the latest update. Since yesterday, it overheats and turns itself back on after 5 minutes of activity. What’s more, the microphone no longer works and I can’t listen to music with headphones. Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Check which app is running wild and causes the high CPU usage.


Thank you so much ! How can I check wich app it is ?

If it were me, I would reboot into safe mode by pressing and holding the restart button. This will disable all your downloaded apps. Then use your phone with what you have and see if it crashes and burns. If it doesn’t you can assume it’s one of your downloaded apps that’s causing the problem.

I’d then go into play store and note when my downloded apps were last updated and try to tie dates to when the symptoms started. Then I’d restart normally and ‘force stop’ any apps where the update dates matched.

Note that after safe mode boot, certain things will change on a normal restart. If you have more than one launcher, you will be asked to pick a default again. Also your widgets may disappear (suspect widgets as well as apps). You can put everything back though.

If the FP3 still crashes in safe mode, I’m sorry “I haven’t a clue what to do” besides force stopping stock apps.

Best of luck.


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