My FP3 doesn't like higher 5Ghz Wifi channels, especially channel 116

Got another response from FP support.

After reviewing your case with our tech department this is their input:

Our device is certified to work at 5 GHz. However, at times it can happen that certain devices are just not working well with each other.

I can send your device to the repair center to be checked. If the technicians confirm that the 5 GHz works well, then we will have to assume there is an issue with your specific router.

Please let me know if you wish to send your phone to our repair center to have it checked.

In the very first support request I described that this only happens with Fritz!Box routers and linked to this thread. I repeated this in every interaction with the support person. Amnesia?

Anyway, I give up. For FP the problem is simply that “certain devices are just not working well with each other”. Nothing to be done about it. Certainly not by them.

Different readers and robots maybe, clearly the response is rather dumb, I had a similar issue with charging and gave up after four months :frowning:

Well as long as the miners and factory workers are treated better ~ that’s it for us. :slight_smile:

And that is actually (and sadly) true for WiFi. And for Bluetooth. And for USB. Since the time each of them was introduced respectively.

I still have hope AVM will introduce a setting to help with this. We’ll see.

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The latest version of FRITZ!OS is 7.27, does your AVM router work with it already? The release notes say something about “improved wireless stability”:

6490 Cable:


Unfortunately, no. It’s a router provided by Vodafone, still running 7.20.

Well, no, not in my experience. I see a lot of devices as I’m in the unfortunate position of being The Tech Guy for my friends, family, and work colleagues.

I’ve never seen a USB problem that could not be attributed to a faulty (or charging-only) cable.

I’ve once seen a WiFi incompatibility that I couldn’t fix, but that involved a terrible ancient no-name router that should never have been used in the first place. AVM routers, on the other hand, are comparatively rock solid. The fact that FP3s (and FP2s I think) have problems with them in particular stinks.

Bluetooth can do strange things, granted, but I’ve seen nothing that couldn’t be fixed by simply re-pairing. Except with my FP3, where BT always refuses to turn on for several times after a reboot or coming out of airplane mode, and then turns off again when I start playback.

I have an FP3 whose quirks I can handle. My wife has one because I’m there to troubleshoot it, to install a decent camera app, to tighten the screws when the fingerprint sensor stops working again, to change the WiFi settings so it works with AVM routers, etc. I’d never recommend it to anyone else because all half-decent phones I’ve seen have none of the FP’s problems.

I want them to get better. I want sustainable phones to be as reliable as something made by Apple or Samsung. For that to happen FP has to acknowledge that the problems exist. Letting them hide behind some cop-out line like the one cited above doesn’t help in my opinion.

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Please ask Vodafone for an update immediately. Version 7.20 of FRITZ!OS is very old, and a lot of (stability) issues were solved and improvements were done in the meantime…


@DeepSea Thanks for the unintended prompt, I thought I’d check my FRITZ! 7530, to better understand the last few posts and it had automatically updated to 7.27 on 20.05.2021

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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You’re obviously not a Vodafone customer :laughing:. They sold the 7.20 rollout as a huge achievement even though it was way outdated even then. Before that, I don’t think there was any update in years. But as I said, I see a lot of devices, including frequently updated AVM routers, and the FP3 has the same problems with all of them.

I know I should get my own router, but I’m not too keen on jumping through the hoops Vodafone has hung up in order to keep me from doing it.

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There’s movement … FRITZ! Labor Neues/Verbesserungen | AVM Deutschland for FRITZ!OS beta version 7.39 lists quite a bunch of improvements in the 5 GHz WiFi department regarding e.g. manual channel configuration, radar detection and the auto channel feature.

I would try this beta to see whether it’s a fix for the issue, but it’s not available for my box (6490 Cable).

Anybody else feeling adventurous … remember to backup the state of your FRITZ!Box before installing any new FRITZ!OS version (not only beta) and ideally get install files for the current FRITZ!OS version for your box at just in case. Can’t hurt.