My FP3: 4 years and counting

The first Fairphone 3s should have reached their 4th birthday mark by now.

I just realised my Fairphone 3 went past this mark this late November.
I’m still using it as my daily driver with /e/OS and hope it will continue to work for a few years still, because it works well and does everything I need from it (and it has a headphone jack and a notification LED :+1: ).

@leomakkinje: Can we get a 4 years FP3 badge?

Feel free to share your stories and sentiments of 4 years of Fairphone 3 usage, and here’s a poll:


Yes, you can. :smile:


Got mine end of January 2020, so I’ll still have to wait a bit :wink:


Another 4 year old Fairphone 3 over here!

I had to open and clean it several times, but it still has its original parts. And it’s working almost as good (if not better due to software updates) as new, even the battery! :blush:

I celebrate the anniversary with one of the first photos I took with my FP3 (November 16th, 2019; stock camera app):


Yes, my Fairphone 3 is 4 years old. It runs on /e Murena. In daily use by my partner.


4 years for me too even though according to the Keep club I got my phone only in January…


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happy FP3 owner here too :raising_hand_man:
actually I have two running on google android :face_with_hand_over_mouth: both working fine. one with SIM card, one running on wifi only. both with 2nd battery (24/7 use). had to replace 1 screen bc wobble contact after a drop. ordered a bottom module as backup if one fails.
no plans to replace them anytime soon. would do so if fairphone would offer a smaller phone, iPhone SE dimensions., in the future.
also, I like the camera. yes, there are better ones, but anyway… (photo from faial, açores, last summer)


My FP3 has more than 4 years as well! I upgraded the main camera (so happy with the new module), and changed the battery once in 2022 (it had swelled)


Got mine in November 2019, still going strong. Now on my 3rd Battery, albeit the 2nd Battery is still useable but clearly fading; the 1st Battery swelled. Updated both Cameras.

Edit: Protected all but the first month or so by one of Anna Treurniet’s wonderful cases.


Got mine in April 2020, so made it to 4 years as well! Hooray!
Replaced the camera, speaker and battery in the last two years.


Now I also can add me (or better my FP3) to this group. I bought my in March, 14th - just before worldwide shutdown of live. So I had enough time to set it up for my use.
I’m on second battery and nowadays more often use both SIMs in parallel. SDCard is the first one.