My FP2's gone grazy

I switched on my FP2 and it started turning things on and off faster than I could press anything to try to stop it. The torch came on, my contacts list came up, the light went off again, it scrolled through my messages, eventually it went on to the internet and started watching Tik-Tok (Which I’ve never been on in my life) whilst continuing to inform me of new (Non-existent) messages and trying to dial up who-knows-what, as far as I could tell the numbers were random.
I tried off and on again to no effect, I removed the battery for a few minutes to no avail, I turned it off and left it overnight and within a minute of switching back on it went crazy again. I’m now waiting for the battery to go flat, but I don’t hold out much hope…
Has the time come to replace it?

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Sounds to me like the touchscreen is acting up.
If it was me I would disassemble the display module, carefully clean the connector contacts with some cleaning alcohol, and reassemble.
Here’s some guidance on disassembling and assembling …

If you happen to have fairphoneangels in the vicinity (see angelsmap), you could ask them whether they would be able to help testing or in some other way.

If the display module is broken, you could try to replace it in case you can still get a hold of another one.
Fairphone seems to have them in stock currently … Fairphone 2 - Display Module | Fairphone

Perhaps there are other hints available via the search … Search results for 'ghost touches fp2' - Fairphone Community Forum