My FP2 was recharged and now it is dead

I have emtied the batterie to 4% than put it on the charger, when I cam back it does not do anything, when it is on the charger it does sometimes start and than goes back to black,
Until now I didnt do one phonecall I am not that happy with my new phone

Did the battery charging light turn on? Also, try a different charger and/or cable, as the phone can be quite picky about which charger will actually charge the phone (this is the most common cause of what you describe - the phone not actually charging when you plug it in)

(it seems it is slightly less picky after the software update)

The red lieght was on, and the screen showed a loading battery, it loaded just one or two beams and in the end it showed the hole battery with beams. but it didnt do anything else, now suddenly it says Starting android but the screen didnt change during me writing this note.

You’d get the same effect if the phone accidentally started in fastboot mode, a restart by long pressing the power button should bring it back, but it can take a while (e.g. see here). If it still doesn’t start, consider contacting support.

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