My FP2 screen is broken

My screen is broken. Do I have to send the phone in to the factory or can it be replaced in a local mobile repair shop ( am living in Jersey, Channel Isle) thanks for any info. Ruth

Hi Ruthi,

actually you can buy the display module (at the FP shop see link below) and replace it yourself.
Check out the instruction video on the shop page, it will show you how to replace the display.


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Broken as in physically destroyed or as in not working properly? In the latter case you can try to #disassemble the phone and clean the contacts. Maybe that helps.
Do you still have warranty and did the screen stop working on it’s own? If so just #contactsupport to get it replaced for free.
Otherwise do what @Benny said.


You’ll need to find a way to get it shipped to Jersey, though, as Fairphone doesn’t deliver to Jersey it seems (see exceptions).

I’d only self-replace the screen if I’d be sure that it isn’t covered by warranty (phone older than 2 years and/or damage that I caused myself) and that I was sure the problem is (only) the screen.


Thanks Benny, very helpful. Best wishes Ruth

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