My FP2 is celebrating its first birthday

Today a year ago I received my FP2 :relaxed: :thumbsup:
And it is now running Fairphone Open.
I am so glad and proud that Fairphone made it possible to switch to Open Source.

And my friend is using my ‘old’ Fairphone 1, which is three years by now.


Same age here

although I’ve to say that I got it some weeks earlier and the age was reduced on one of the first updates :smiling_imp:
I’m still very happy with it.:+1:


I think the age counter has been hit and miss from the start. But even though I am also not sure if this is correct, I was thrilled to see it!


Oh, no! I missed it!
Now I’ll have to buy my FP a really great birthday present to make up for missing it’s birthday. An arrange of Slim Covers maybe? A coupon for an upgraded camera module? :wink:


I just want to mention that I’m really enjoying this phone. Even with the occasional bugs, I’m still in love with my phone.


Oh, no, oh no - I missed it…:cry:

I can still remember how I picket it up last year.
Not having a car but with my new bike cycled to my girlfriend some kilometers away where it was delivered to, in the dark with low temperatures. I was so eager to get it.
And I am totally satisfied with my first ever smartphone.

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Mine is also a few days off, but i turned Screen lock on only to capture it :slight_smile:


My FP2 for one year, one month, one day. And I am really happy with it. It just has very rare random reboots, one about every two to six weeks. Everything else works fine. Thanks @Douwe and all at Fairphone for your great work!


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