My FP2 is acting weird since I tried to encrypt it


My FP2 is acting weird. I tried to encrypt it but something got wrong so I had to factory reset it. When I restarted it the touch screen didn’t work as it should. And when I inserted the SIM card random numbers appeared, making it impossible to type in the code.
So, it works ok without a SIM. I have to press on the same place on the screen several times to get it to react and sometimes when I barely touch the screen it reacts and opens menus etc without my intention.
Any suggestions? If I cannot fix this I’m sad to say I have to buy a new phone.

If you factory resetted anyway, there is one more step you can take on the software side …


Have you tried removing and reconnecting the screen module? Sounds as though there may be some contact issues.

Was there a specific tutorial you were following?

Maybe this situation also applies to you as reason for the failure.

No tutorial. I just pressed “Encrypt phone” in the settings. Everything seems to work as normal but then it said the encryption corrupted my files and that I had to factory reset the phone. Which I did. And since then the screen is acting weird, reacting once in a while and sometimes living it owns life clicking on stuff I haven’t clicked etc.

I removed it, cleaned it and put it back. Several times. Finally it worked a little better and I tried to encrypt the phone once more, had to factory reset and now it’s acting strange again.

I actually tried to install Fairphone Open. Same problem. Maybe have to try the steps you recommend - does it go further than reinstalling the OS?

Maybe it’s just coincidence - and the encryption and the failure of the display are unrelated? Maybe it’s a failure of the display or of the core module?
Are #fairphoneangels near you? So you might try to exchange the display module?

Wiping the phone including the OS and formatting the data partition is what a factory reset and a normal reinstall of the OS don’t do.


I don’t know, but probably not since I live in Sweden. I’ll check it out.

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I managed to get my phone working again. I also found out that there are not Fairphone Angels close to the part of Sweden where I live.
Also I really want to encrypt my phone but due to the problems described above I’m a hesitating. Any tips how to encrypt it without corrupting the files and in the end not being able to encrypt it (as I have to reset it, repeating the cycle).

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