My FP2 got stolen, can I locate it without andriod theft protection?

Today someone stole my phone in an office building in Antwerp, Belgium… (I’m sure, the security guy thought so too but he couldn’t legally search her, he was afraid that she would file a complaint)
Normally it wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but I didn’t install the theft and loss protection and it was switched off.
I know the chance is almost zero that I get it back, but is there any way to locate my FP2? I already blocked my SIM-card.


Unfortunately as far as I know that’s not possible.

But I would recommend that you report your Fairphone as stolen to Fairphone Support who keep a register of stolen Fairphones. It allows those interested in buying used Fairphones to “verify” an offered Fairphone’s IMEI number.

I don’t think you have to install anyuthing to use android device manager ( So maybe this helps? Of course, if it was switched off, I don’t know if a thief will be as stupid as to just turn it on…

:nl: : En als ik iemand geniepig zie rondlopen met een fairphone in het Antwerpse, zal ik er toch eens achter vragen! :wink:

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