My FP2 doesn't alwys like the sdcard

I love my FP2 and gave her a 256 Gb sdcard as an extension for the internal memory. But sometimes when I wake her up in the morning, she says: “Please give me back my sdcard”. Sometimes when I take the SD card out and put it back in, she recognizes my gift, but sometimes not. Or if I let her sleep again for some time and then wake her up again, she recognizes the card and is happy.
What could be the cause of this behavior?
The FP2 is running with the last Android version 10.
Any ideas?

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This configuration is strongly discouraged for a while now because of a lot of trouble. Please see our sdcardguide for details, make a backup of all your important stuff on the phone as soon as possible and reconfigure the card as external/portable storage if you want to avoid possible data loss and trouble in phone operation.