My fp2 does not play music in original order of original album

I copied albums of music from my own music from itunes to my fp2, the data seems to be tagged correctly, but any music player on the fp2 does not play the titles in the original order of the original music album. It seems to order the music in alphabetical way.

I’ll get my FP2 mid february only… Maybe help will be easier to find when more phones will be sent :slight_smile:

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I guess the player is not able to understand your playlist format. To avoid this, I’ve always named my songs like this:
03-xxx etc.


(i don’t own a FP2 nor use itunes, so, just wild guesses)
I think it’s the TAG encoding that might be different when you use itunes.
I would suggest you to use a software called “metatogger” (or you can use MP3 tag editor, it’s lighter) in order to verify that the “track number” tag is correctly implemented in your files ( it’s a very powerful soft, but it allow you to have a VERY clean music library)
Also, you should try with another music player, there is plenty on the play store (i personally love RocketPlayer, PowerAmp is very cool too)

As a joke, now that I have my FP2, I use VLC music (and video) player, from f-droid. It plays music in order of names also, and good rippers like Sound Juicer prepend album tracks with their number to allow players reading them right.