My FP2: 7 years and counting

7years and still alive as MP3 Player from time to time


7 years FP2, but I can only make calls with speaker on and the battery is near death (shuts down when I try to record a movie or use OSM+ etc.). So pre-ordered a FP5 now.


I am also still using my FP2 as my first and only smartphone, since Feb 2016, so 7 and a half years by now.
Sure it’s slow, takes horrible pictures, gets very hot sometimes and reboots frequently. But it does everything I need. With one replacement battery after around 6 years, it’s still hanging in for an entire day. Therefore, in my opinion, it’s still too good to be thrown away.

However, as a non-advanced user with no security updates anylonger, I am forced to look for a replacement. It annoys me a little that this is no different from any other manufacturer. And I wouldn’t hasitate whatsoever in switching to another manufacturer if they promised me a longer period of use. However, I haven’t found one yet.

In my opinion, Fairphone could at least make a special replacement offer. So that, externally forced to switch to a newer version like the FP5, I would at least get the new version at a lower price than the RRP/usual market price.
Yes, for a short period of time, 50€ were once offered. Firstly, this is a negligable discount and, secondly, there is no such offer anymore, is there?
Having no other USB-C device nor a charger with more than 10W charging power, FP5 plus Charger, cable and screen cover adds up to almost 800€. That’s quite some price, if you buy a phone just becasue you are forced to.

If you have any hints or could feedback that to FP, I’d be glad.


You can still use your Fairphone 2 with security updates if you switch to Murena, deGoogled Android.
Make a backup first, because all your data on the Fairphone will be deleted when you make the switch.
Have a look at the installation details for the Fairphone 2

You can find stable versions for the Fairphone 2 on Murena (was /e) on Mind you this is for Fastboot

The versions for sideload ADB on (see the “url:” lines).


If you return your FP2 to Fairphone otherwise you’d get 12€. From that perspective it was not so bad.

You can keep your charger and just buy a simple USB-C cable (or adaptor from µUSB to USB-C) - with that charger you don’t need the greatest cable available anyway. Charging will take about 4 hours, I assume, but that doesn’t do any harm. Upgrading is possible at any later point in time.
Apart from that I get your point. If I wasn’t fed up by some of the weak points of my (otherwise good old) FP2 I would probably not switch yet, either.


True, but this is Android 11, which most probably will run out of security update support in early 2024.
Currently there’s no Android 12 in sight for the Fairphone 2, unless I missed something (which in this case I would be very glad about).


Hi all,

I am also still using my FP2 as daily and only driver. I am wondering wether to switch now to the fp5 or pushing the FP2 for an extra 2 years and switch with a FP6.
The issue is that I am not sure the FP2 can be usable for other two years… it is now very slow with apps not opening, random reboots and all sort of issues we are well aware.

I am still on Android 9 though. Do any of you recomend (for performance gain) switching/updating OS? Would you guess that in that case the FP2 can be pushed for other two years?



If there are no apps keeping you from doing that I’d go for Lineage OS. I’m running the latest FPOS based on Android 10 (because my work requires an app that didn’t work properly on LOS) and your description sounds quite familiar to me. For just calling and texting I think one could continue for two more years or so with the FP2, but last but not least after I tried for 20 minutes to get a podcast running for my son during a train ride and the phone struggled with its many shortcomings its task for today is to signal me the drop-off of a very specific UPS parcel from the Netherlands into a shop nearby…


A factory reset or a fresh install of the OS from scratch could help with this.
I don’t experience any unusual slowness on my Fairphone 2 (meaning the specs are what they are), but then it doesn’t have to do too much as my current backup phone. I’m mainly checking whether the things I really need are still working after updates (running /e/OS).

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I might have given you this advice in the past already (and not just to you … :wink: ), but for performance, it can never hurt to check Settings > Storage. I’d keep 20% of storage free to give apps and system some air to breathe, some wiggle room.


I got my FP2 7-and-a-half years ago now. My first and only smartphone, and still happy with it; in so far as there are issues, I got used to them.
I’m still on the stock FP OS, and I’m aware it doesn’t get security updates anymore. Depending on the phone for authentication on a regular basis and lacking any experience in installing a custom ROM, I didn’t embark on that so far (thanks for your offer to assist, @OldRoutard, but I’m an Apple user [since before it got mainstream …]) – and by now there’s not much point anymore, at least not for a daily driver.

So, time for an FP5. I’ll miss the notification LED, and it’ll be bigger; the translucent case seems nice though.
Haven’t figured out yet whether I’ll be going for an FP5 with stock OS, and experiment with a custom ROM on the FP2 (and check the authentication), or for an FP5 with e/OS, and if so, from Murena, or installing it myself. This forum provides useful info and pointers of course! I just need to read up on it and make up my mind.

Fingers crossed that my good old FP2 keeps serving me well in the meantime.


My FP2 was 7 years old when I replaced it in September this year for FP4. It was my only phone and it was still working.


Then you should be posting here !

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Well, with the FP5 you’ll have the option to turn on “Always show time and info” on the Lock screen, thanks to OLED display, though there’s some debate as to how much battery this uses up. Some, certainly.

If you want to run /e/ on your FP5 then best is probably to buy it from Murena.


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My FP2 turned 7 early this month, but since I’ve switched to the FP5 with its release, my son has grabbed it and is doing his first mobile phone steps with it now. I’ve installed e/OS on it and he uses it for playing music and audio books. With Conversations he can use a messenger without SIM card and keep his grandparents up to date on his latest Lego constructions. And he could even call them, my wife or me via this messenger as long as he has WiFi (it doesn’t make sense to take it to school anyway).
I’ve noticed that the phone has become more picky in terms of μUSB plugs in the meantime, but it’s still on its first bottom module, so I won’t complain but train my son for a careful usage…


Which reminds me * …

* not really, I found it again accidentally while searching the forum for a magnetic adapter reference :innocent:

(Still on my first bottom module for more than 6.5 years, charging daily.)


Make that 7 years :partying_face: .

Although it can’t get Android 12 for technical reasons (I momentarily don’t find the source of), and thus security update support should run out soon-ish :frowning_face: .


Nothing much to report, except that my January 2017 FP2 just keeps on trucking. Yawn.
It’s running OpenOS, has had no repairs beyond plastic back cases and a second battery for spare and charge swaps. Yawn.
If it wasn’t somewhat remarkable nowadays that a phone should last 7 years, I would barely bother to write.


Since this is not supported anymore, it is lacking security updates, but you know this, I assume.
(Not that it will be any different with Fairphone 2s running still supported Android OSes before long, as security update support will run out for those, too.)