My FP1: three years and counting!

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In Januari 2014 I received my FP1. It’s three years later and my FP1 is still working like a charm. It’s great to realize that through FP’s efforts, I have used this single phone longer than I would’ve if I hadn’t heard the story FairPhone is trying to tell. I probably would’ve gone for a new device after my phone operator contract was up for renewal. Funnily enough this is actually the first phone in a series of 5 phones that has lasted me more than 2 years without defects (not counting a cracked screen I replaced myself, quite easily actually).

I hope I can make it to five years. That would be sweet :slight_smile:

My FP1: four years and counting!
FP1(U) Longevity "Experiment"
3 years and counting

Mine is three years too! :tada: I hope to use it until it’s at least 4 years old.


Three years here as well. I’m about to change the (original!) battery as its performance has begun to quickly decrease - the charge indicator used to be predictable down to 17%, but now it starts to rapidly decrease from somewhere on average in the 40% range (which usually still gets me a good day’s use, but I want a little more reliability). Not too bad for a battery that’s been charged probably on average more than once every three days for more than 3 years - I’ve had feature phone batteries that were charged less than once a week give up after about 4 years.
Hoping to keep it going for another (couple of?) years with the aid of a new battery and some new security updates when the KitKat update finally lands… (fingers crossed I don’t break the screen or the USB port).


I had similar problems with my battery some time ago. Predictable up to ~15% and then I could just literally see it drop down to 0 in a matter of minutes. Got a replacement battery and that one still works fine.


Yay! My Fairphone turned 3 just before Christmas and I’m also still happy with it. I recently got a new battery, as a colleague was going to buy one and we could split shipping costs… it’s still waiting on the shelf but I think I’ll have to start using it soon, as my old battery is having the same issues as two of you already mentioned. I also got a screen replacement one time after about 1 year, and I guess that’s about it. Hopefully we can all make the FP1s last a few more years! And then exchange them for a next generation of Fairphones?


Mine has just turned 3 but I think it’s on it’s way out. The USB port is getting dodgy, I’m on battery number 3 and despite multiple hard resets, functionality is no longer that good. I’m still pretty chuffed at 3 years though. Happy to see other phones going on for longer, shows the phone is durable, mine just didn’t make the cut :frowning:


Congrats everybody who made it this far!
I think this calls for a badge! :trophy:


It can be resoldered by competent repair shops.

Yes, let’s make a badge for 3-year-old FP1s! :smiley:


I bought my FP1 second-hand in January 2016 from I’m-sure-you-can-guess-where (!) and it is fine - no problems at all. What more do I need or want? Looking forward to that badge and hope it will be made from conflict free materials?


I have a FP1 form more that 3 years and also I have since now a really good experience.
I consider this phone as a prototype but it works really good.
Now I start to see the battery collapse when reach 30%, it can be easly fix with a change of battery but the question is, it deserve?
Because I start to see also another big limitation that this phone is still based on 4.2 Android that is not safe any more an more app don’t accept to be installed on this outdated system. So I read that they are developing a update at 4.4 Android but we are still waiting and I can wait 2-3 months but after that I’m forced to change this phone (to use safety the bank apps for example).
Honestly I don’t know if I’ll buy a Fairphone 2 because if the software obsolescence will be a big problem also in this mobile? You can buy for the same price phones that the producers update after 2 or 3 years at the last version of Android (Honor, Samsung) they are not conflict free but you can keep a phone safetly for at least 4-5 years (and that is more ecologic). I will follow the develop of the update of the FP1 hoping that it will be released sooner, so I can change the battery :grin:


Me too, celebrating three years of Fairphone.

I had the swollen battery problem and the battery was replaced in summer 2015. Apart from that, I had no problems. I don’t see any obvious reason why my Fairphone would break soon.


yep, same here. first batch, and working just fine, apart from the battery problem that many have mentioned. replaced it and looking forward to another few years of usage.

kinda crazy though how people get excited about a smartphone because it lasts 3 years - should that not be the absolute minimum for an electronic device? i know today’s consumer culture measures these periods differently but hey, my hifi amplifier i have been using for more than 20 (!) years…



Even better: It’s material-free! :wink:

The badge is here now:



Ha, neat :slight_smile:


True, it’s a sad state of affairs. It kind of re-enforces the idea of why FairPhone is necessary though. Not because the phone itself is 100% fair, but to create awareness surrounding the issue.


That’s also why we chose the half-full/empty hourglass as the badge’s symbol. To signalize that 3 years is not nearly the end. :slight_smile:


My one has almost 2 years now, I got it from a friend who didn’t use it. I am quit happy with it, and I don’t care about whatever kitkat versions. I will make three years, too!


I received mine pretty much exactly 3 years ago, I think I need to get a new battery at some point this year (it seems to need recharging a bit more often than it did originally), but am still very happy with it. And it looks like new, underneath the screen protector and the original (rather worn by now) FP cover. I hope to make it last at least 5 years.


Actually I do not remember when I received my FP1. But I made the first pictures with it on 7. Jan 2014, so it has definitely reached 3 years by now.

It still works fine, but the performance difference to the FP2 is noticeable. It is now a backup device, with the FP2 my primary mobile. This is mainly due to the LTE support in the FP2, although I prefer the smaller size of the FP1.


I ‘have’ a working first edition Fairphone 1 as well… Because of the not so well functioning (for car navigation) GPS I gave it away to my stepmom, who wanted to WhatsApp. Does this count for a badge? :smile: I’m now the owner of a Fairphone 2.