My FP is going nuts

Hi! My Fairphone beeps / vibrates seemingly irregularly and very often (up to 1/sec). Unknown origin. No notification on screen connected. For every beep the FP looses focus on the current task. Restart does not help either. Unbelievably annoying. Can anybody help me? Any ideas?

Android 13

Did you try to restart in safe mode ?

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Thanks for your advice. I will check. No problem in Safe mode. Now I have to try the problem causing App. Is there no systematic way to find out which app causes the app, as in the notification history?

I think the easiest way is to delete the apps one by one after backing up their data if you want to keep them.

Maybe somebody has a better idea. Let’s see


No better idea. But you can try to remember the last apps you added or you updated and delete these apps first!
Good luck!

:slight_smile: It wasn’t any 3rd party app, but my own fault: I stored my debit card with nfc function very close to the phone. So it tried to connect and tried to connect…


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