My FP goes black when I'm calling


Since I updated the FP last time I can’t do a miss call. Once I call a number, the screen goes black and non of the buttons work. I have to take off the batterie, and restart the It’s quite annoying. Anyone can help me?

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I have the same trouble, I buyed my fairphone2 three months ago. The truth, I’m really annoyed with this mobile, sounds bad, the camera is bad and I have some other troubles with the phone, as goes black when I call… Actually, I don’t recomend to anyone the fairphone2.

Give this a try, please: Settings > Maintenance > Proximity Sensor > Calibration


Wow! Urs, it worked!! Thank you.

Eduard, I know failures like that can be annoying, but the reason I bought it was because of the ethical guarantees. I work on a campaign on “conflict minerals”, and I’ve heard too many stories about human rights abuses in the mine sites of Colombia and eastern DRC, I just decided to give the FP a chance. It might give you technical problems from time to time, but they can be fixed. And at least the phone do not “create problems” to the people who work in the mines.

Be patient, don’t forget why you bought it!

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