My Fairphone2 has on start up: "Unfortunately, Fairphone Launcher 3 has stopped."

Since the last charging and restart (shut down by the phone due to no power) I have the message “Unfortunately, Fairphone Launcher 3 has stopped.” on startup and I lost my 6 “Desktop” pages and the Clock on the main page.

What can I do? I can´t find an App called “Fairphone Launcher 3” and the widget “Clock” does not fit to the main screen anymore. To recreate the other pages wouldn´t be a problem - but I want to understand the cause and what I maybe done wrong.

How can I get my old setting back?

By the way: If I create a 2nd page again (with the clock widget) the message “Unfortunately, Fairphone Launcher 3 has stopped.” does not appear. (I found this tip here in the forum some where)

Thanks for Help!

Hey, sorry you haven’t received an answer so far.

One thing you could try is clear the cache of the Fairphone launcher. To find this option go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Fairphone Launcher 3 > Clear Cache

To get the clock widget back you have to put it on a new (empty) screen by pulling it on the right edge of the screen and letting go after a new screen appeared.

Hi Thanks for the answer!
Now I found where I can find all the other apps i never seen again :wink: I only checked "downloaded / “on SD card” / “activ” - I haven´t senn the area “all”…
To clear the Cache did not work now - but If ever the Launcher stops working again I will try your tip !!
I allready recreated all my desktop settings again - except the clock.
To bring back the Clock Widget - thats no problem - but the Clockwidget isn´t on the top end of the screen anymore: before I had 3 rows of App-Groups space on the screen below the clock widget - now I can only have 2 rows…
it´s not possible to resize the clock, nor to move it to topend of the page. (it´s the clock with the date in left bottom and the word “bearbeiten” (setting) in the right bottom area. In the widget overview it is measured with 4x3)

Thats the only left problem after my first “crash” of my Fairphone!

Same question here: “Faiphone Launcher 3 has stoppped”. This message appears almost every day after my latest update of the “install google apps” widget.

Simple rebooting helps most of the time. No apps are lost.


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Still has the same problem: “Fairphone Launcher 3 has stopped”. Have to reboot twice a day. Unfontunatly with the new update os 1.11.1 my Phone reboots itself about 4 times a day and the reïnstalls (?) all 149 apps. Takes about 5 minutes and 5% of battery…

Anybody with wise comments

Check out the first post here for some pointers to fight those reboots.

Paul Thnx. I took an other road. Now I use my FP2 without any cover and have no problems with auto rebooting. I am afraid de slim case does something interesting with the Phone.

In that case the correct topic is actually the following one (there is a workaround provided):

About the Launcher error message: Is it gone too?

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