My Fairphone2 goes BlackOut

Hi There Fairphone Community :slight_smile:

I first would like to say that I really like my Fairphone 2. And I think that offering a “Fair” - phone is a great initiative.

I bought my FP2 last year, and I would like to discuss some issues:

  • Since I bought my FP2 it crashes (entering a reboot cycle) a few times a week - I do not consider this a problem, it’s only a bit annoying.
  • Since a few weeks my FP2 starts crashing very frequently. A few times a day. - A bit more annoying.

This weekend, while updating my apps, my FP2 goes completely Blackout (battery fully loaded). For a few hours It didn’t respond at all (did connect him to a power supply). Just a black screen. - I do consider this a problem. :grimacing: This Blackout happened twice up until know. Every time I try to update my apps.

I take good care of my FP2. Never fell on the floor, always latest updates, etc. My current OS is: Fairphone OS 17.11.2
I know the crashes are a more common FP2 problem. But what about the Blackout? I really would like to keep this phone for many more years. Hope you can help.

have a look here Reboot due to loose battery. Perhaps it helps.

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Also check out the #blackscreenguide and the general tips for random reboots.

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