My Fairphone switches itself off!

My Fairphone keeps switching itself off (no matter how charged the battery is) many times every day, and I have to remove and re-insert the battery in order to switch it back on. Any suggestions?

Did you update your phone to the latest Firmware? I (and many others) also had this issue and in most cases it was resolved after the update.

Hi guys, I do have the same problem, even with the latest firmware.
The phone keeps switching off ten times a day. This happens when I unlock the screen.
However, I don’t have to remove the battery, it switches back on alone too.

Does it really switch of (I mean, does the startup screen with the fairphone logo appear when it switches itself on again?).

Sometimes the power on button just doesn’t respond when you try to unlock you screen. This is often caused by apps running in the background.

I have the exact same problem as Taimaz above. Deactivating “mood background”, which I read about somewhere, seemed to help at first, but after a week it’s the same thing again. Any other suggestions of things to deactivate or uninstall?

Hi Newluck, the phone did really switch off, but came back to life without asking a password.
But since yesterday it’s not switching on again.

I had this issue at the beginning, when I got my phone in January.

Do you use Google Apps? I stopped using them and that’s probably why my FP doesn’t switch off itself anymore.

The same happened to me.
2 days ago I did Fairphone update (it asked me to do) and since then my phone switches off and on (appear thr logo…)…help!! I wrote an email I hope they will anserwer me!

I’ve had the same issue, I updated to the latest firmware after I took it out of the box. It reboots itself randomly, the main issue I have with this is that I have encryption on so it just sits on the password screen until i realise it has done it, making it unable to receive calls or messages.

Hi all, I’m just posting so I can have the answer to this pb. I have got the same one: when I want to unlock the screen, sometimes the phone just reboots itself, with the blue “fairphone” logscreen. It is really annoying, but everything is up to date. It can happen several times in a row! I don’t know what to do, nor what the problem is.

Hi Athanos, my situation is even worse! It reboots itself off constantly, even when I’m calling or writing a message :frowning:
I’ ve found this topic in the forum that can help us:

Safe mode and blue “Start a movement” reboots

      Lately, when I'd unlock the home screen I would get a blue 

Start a movement screen and a black screen. I’d unlock it again and then
it would work fine. It was a right pain but, hey, I saw other people
had similar experiences and hoped the Team would fix the issue at some

Then today, after one of these quick/blue reboots I found myself in Safe
mode. What is it? You have “Safe mode” written at the bottom left
corner of the screen and widgets are disabled. The phone works but but
no third-party apps will be loaded.

I searched online to see what it was, how I got into it and how to get
out. I found some interesting articles (forgive the links here but I
don’t know how to use html in this forum) and

If you find yourself in Safe mode don’t panic, don’t hard reset, try
uninstalling the latest apps you downloaded. Reboot the phone. If you
are still in safe mode, uninstall some more apps. Try to be systematic
so you understand which app caused the problem. You can then re-install
apps later if they were not the culprits.

After a few rounds of this, I am now out of Safe mode and am
experiencing no blue screen reboots (so perhaps they were related?).

After uninstalling various apps, I think I may have cornered two
suspects: Firefox or Vector (a game). I’ll try re-installing them one at
a time to see if I can re-create my problem. Any of you with blue
screen reboots have either of these installed? Does anyone have a
similar experience?

Hi Martina_Tarantola!

I have never seen the “safe mode” you are talking about =/ The reboot of the phone can happen 5s after I unlocked it, it is not always instantly. Also, I do not have any of the apps you are mentionning. I don’t have a lot actually…!

Once I suspected Gmail to do the problem, as it happend by scrolling down the quick menu you can reach when the phone is locked (the newsfeed where you can have access to your mails, the latest news etc). If I try to be more precise, this is what usually makes the pb happen:

-I can hear or see I have a new email ;
-I scroll down the newsfeed while the screen is still locked;
-I touch the line where the number of mails is indicated ;
-then, 1s after that the phone reboots.

But since it can also happen by just unlocking the screen, I’m not sure a 100% that gmail is the reason why my phone is hard to use…

Last thing that I observed two times : immediatly after the phone reboot again, I wanted to get access to all the apps (by touching the screen on one side and going to the middle, you know). Both times, the phone was not abled to load the apps as it was said that the system crashed or something like that.

It would be great if someone from the staff decided to better understand what is happening with our phones!

thanks Athanos
I have very few applications too, but I have Gmail… now I’ll pay attention if there is some correlation

here you can find how to be in a “safe mode” (you can get out of that mode simply by turning off and turning on the phone)

Hi all, I received the email from the technical staff

this was my email:
Yesterday I did fairphone updater (fairphone asked me), since then while
I phone or I use whatsapp sometimes the phone switches itself off and
on again immediately after.
Another problem: appeared 2 times
whatsapp icon (under last used), and sometimes when I type on the icon
fails to open it, makes an attempt but can not, then I type the other
and so it succeeds

This the answer:
Hey,The first problem is most likely related to your SIM Card.

How old is your SIM card? SIM cards of one year old are already considered pretty old.Old SIM cards can collect corrosion on the chip and can cause your phone to freeze/reboot.

Also SIM cards that have been used in other phones can get scratches on
places causing the Fairphone to have bad connection with the SIM card.We would like to ask you to try a different SIM card (maybe one of your friends or family).

If this resolves the issue we would recommend getting a new SIM card from your network provider.The
second problem is really strange, but sounds like a software issue.
This can be resolved by resetting the Fairphone. You can do so with the
following steps: How to perform a Hard Reset on my FairphoneKind regards,Sietse

I changed the SIM card but it swithches off the same so I did an “hard reset” and now everything goes well (no more switches off and the same apps)! I’m happy!
But for two days (Friday and Saturday) the phone was silent for about an hour, I could not call or receive calls (E or H or H+…and so on did not appear) and during the all day it often didn’t connect to the internet either
I hope it was a problem with my service provider and not the phone

I also had this problem, it was very annoying.
Using a new SIM card has done the trick by now. Thank you!

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I’ve been having this same problem - the phone reboots itself at what I thought was random intervals, and I then realised was 10 seconds after unlocking the screen. I tried everything above, including getting a new sim card and nothing helped.

I have now realised that it is a problem with the power button. When I unlock the screen, sometimes the power button is still registering as ‘pressed’ even though it’s popped up. After 10 seconds, the phone does a hard reboot exactly as it’s supposed to.

I was planning to send an email to fairphone support today to look at getting it fixed, but if others are having the same problem maybe it’s not just my phone (could this be a firmware issue rather than hardware issue?)

I was absolutely convinced that this was a hardware issue, but tried a factory reset as a last ditch attempt to fix it before sending it off to be repaired. Lo and behold, no more problem!

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