My Fairphone is locked

My mobile is locked in the initial screen, black screen “Fairphone”. I have rebooted but does not change. The only way to turn it off is by removing the battery because if I give the button off only restarts and returns to be blocked on the initial screen.

When my FP2 “locks itself out” I try rebooting it multiple times. Do you reboot by holding the on/off-button? Sometimes it seems to need to be oftentimes booted. Crazy stuff. :sweat:

Check if the backcover is on correctly - if you press the volume buttons (or if they get pressed because the cover isn’t properly aligned) whilst the phone is starting, it can start in fastboot mode, which makes the phone wait on the screen you describe. The next reboot will then often take a lot longer and initially show the same screen for quite a while (I think someone once mentioned it took nearly half an hour, but that appears to be rare).

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