My Fairphone is 9 years

Today my FP1 is celebrating it’s nineth birthday
As I wrote by the eight years anniversary the Fairphone 1 is still in use.
My partner is using the phone as as a computing power within the framework of the Boinc science projects .
There are many projects to choose from list of projects .
We have chosen for World Community Grid.


Mine will turn 9 next week.

I don’t use it anymore but as seen in the screenshot, it still works. It’s on the last update of the stock ROM, but Android 4.2.2 is so old, I can’t update the installed apps anymore and even installing the fdroid store fails. A little more than 5 GB of the 16 GB internal storage are still free.



My beloved Fairphone 1 will also turn 9 years old by next week and is still working. Though the situation is the same as Ingo described. I still use it as a mp3-Player and to download podcasts and radio plays. Off topic, just in case someone is interested in “Lord of the Rings” in German:



my FP1 is gone (given to a friend) but my FP2 is still working fine & in use as backup for once my FP3+ fails.

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