My Fairphone has been buggy since day 1 -- Help to fix it

Hi all,
I have been using a FP2 since a month approx, and there are several issues that I would like to try to fix.

First issue: When I started using the FP2, after a week or so, Google Play Services stopped working, and all the OS stopped. I had to reset the phone back to factory settings. Nothing more to do now about this, but I wanted to say it to show I have had issues with the FP2 since day 1.

Second issue: A very annoying bug. When the FP2 is charching, I cannot unblock it. I press the button at the upper right to turn the screen on, but none of the sweeps work to unblock the phone. Only disconnecting the charger solves this. In practical terms, in means I cannot use the FP2 if it is charging.

Third issue: FP2 keeps disconnecting from wifi signals and falls back to 4G. If I turn 4G off, it just disconnects. This is very annoying in a lot of levels. First, I used up all my mobile networking because I was using the internet thinking the connection to wifi was stable, but it kept falling back to the 4G network, thereby using up all my 4G quota. This happens with EVERY wifi network, so it is a problem of the phone, not the connections (also, other phones running android don’t have the issue).

Fourth issue: The least urgent to solve. Speed dialing does not work. I have to carefully press the contact ONCE and wait a minute or so until the call starts. Sometimes this doesn’t not work and I have to wait a lot to try again. Trying several times just freezes the phone.

These are the most pressing issues for me. I would appreciate some help in solving these. I have to say so far the FP2 has been a great disappointment. I was very enthusiastic about the project, but the phone lags behind in functionality considerably compared to other phones. I do hope these problems are solvable though… so I decided to come to the forum to ask for help. Any guidance is appreciated.

What software version are using? Have you updated to the latest release (1.3.6)?

I’m using the Android for fair phone that came with the phone. Current version is 5.1 as shown in settings. Current version of the Android OS is 1.3.6. According to the updater, the system is up-to-date.

Sounds like this issue:

Maybe you find some useful info there.

@ issue 3
When does it drop the connection? Could it be this problem?

While I understand the frustration when experiencing different problems and the idea to address them in a single post, but it would be easier and give better overview to discuss the problems separately, as some other users may experience similar issues. So I’d recommend to check if you find threads discussing your issues, or if you can’t, open a topic for the particular problem.


Can you clarify if this happens while the screen is on or off?
If it happens while the screen is off: There is a setting WiFi → Advanced → Keep WiFi on during sleep. The default is to turn it off during sleep, I believe.

Thanks, I will check the thread on the locking while in charge issue. Regarding the wfi, the thread you mention is not quite what I have. I loose the signal while using it, and also while not using it. Idleness does not seem to affect this.

And yes, I should tackle each problem individually I guess. I just wanted to state it like this because I remember reading someone from the FP team in the forums saying that only a small percentage of users got buggy phones and that a proof of that was the low amount of bug issues in the forums compared to the actual number of FP users. I thought, then, I should post my problems, I am a silent user of a buggy FP.

It happens both while online and offline. That does not seem to affect the issue.

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