My Fairphone for

My Fairphone is 02 weeks, 04 days, 00 hours old!


I got:
5 months
3 weeks
3 days

…on my FP1 with a beta version of FP2’s OS. :smiley:

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It’s it possible that this counter only gets activated when you first open it?
I remember i had the phone already in use for a week when i first discover it, and it did 4 hours or something :slightly_smiling:
So i don’t trust that counter :wink:

It should actually display the manufacturing date of the motherboard:

[quote]how long you own your Fairphone (this data is pulled from the motherboard manufacturer date)[/quote] Source: Fairphone Blog

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Very interesting.

So i received my phone a week before its mainboard was manufactured. :grin:


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I think they still need to tinker with this app and it will display the correct usage time after some future update… :slight_smile:

I read that too, but my experience tells me it shows the time since your last hard reset, or rather since the date the phone thought it was then.

There are some silly bugs in this widget :smiley: The “quiet mind” display says my record time without looking at the screen is “24211… mins” (yes it’s actually too large for the widget to show the whole number, but the real one is 24211910 min, more than 46 years (I guess it comes from timestamp 0 being on January the 1st, 1970))

mine just started when i turned it on the first time…

So I received my phone last week after waiting for 3 months for it. However with the counter it said I have had my Fairphone for 5 Months 2 weeks and 2 days… Does that mean that it was built that long ago???

Hi Keith, I guess (in this post) with OS version 1.2.8 the start date for the counter was reset (from originally 01.01.1970) to some day in October 2015, probably the date of production start.
You might get the (almost) correct ownership date by entering a SIM card (so the phone can connect to a network and get the current date) and then doing a hard reset - if you think it’s worth the effort.