My fairphone doesn't work anymore

I can’t turn on my fairphone 3 at all.
I think the screen is no longer working, I can hear receiving messages, and until I removed the battery and put it back in I still had the signals on the top left.
I need help!

What happend before? Did it fall on the floor? Was some water (tea, coffee, soft drink) spilled over it? Did you use it outside in the cold?

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Absolutely not. I can use sometimes outside in the cold, but i but I put it in a wool pouch.

So it happened just out of the blue?

Yes. In the morning i created a password for the screen. I wondered if there was a link, but i don’t think so…

Try carefully pressing the margins of the display module against the main body of the phone. Both are held together by screws and plastic clips, and the latter can sometimes be loose. When you press, you might hear the clips clicking back into place.

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Thank you, but it doesn’t work…

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Have you managed to resolve your issue?

If not, try removing the display module, cleaning the gold contacts and then reassembling the phone - if you haven’t tried that yet, of course.

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I wanted to do that, but i didn’t even managed to open the phone. One the screw is broken…
Thanks for your help!

No worries. Before we continue, just to be sure, does the screen show any picture at all? Like when you turn it on, does it show the Fairphone logo?

If it does, it’s probably a software issue. If not, we’ll help you with the disassembly and reassembly.

Hi @Amandine1

It’s been a while since your post how have you fared?
Did you get past the broken screw and how did it ‘break’ ?

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