My Fairphone 4 5G USB-C Port repair

Hello everybody

For some weird reason my USB-C Port broke two days ago in my FP4. Then I was like: “Well I order a new one”. As this was my first repair of the FairPhone repair, I also ordered an iFixit Pro Kit. This arrived yesterday and today morning I followed the step-by-step guide on how to replace this part. I was freaking out: “Will I be able to do that? Will I break more than I repair?”
But following that 5 Min Tutorial in 10 Minutes and everything was fine.
As I’m by far not very good in such things, I just say: “That was easy!” And now I’m happy because I was able to swap such a small thing without any problems.

Thanks FairPhone


Thanks for your description.
so-called magnetic cable? are also a solution